Are you a Mom of young children who'd like to feel calmer & happier ... less alone with your challenges ... and improve your long-term health

At Nurturing Empowerment I offer Moms a safe space ... plenty of time to talk ... then gentle holistic treatments called Golden Way Reiki. I specialise in helping Moms of babies & pre-school age children feel calmer & less stressed, enjoy more patience & reduce anxiety. Other benefits described by my clients include clearer thinking, reductions in physical symptoms, renewed energy, an overwhelming sense of wellbeing ... and feeling great! Treating Moms in military families is dear to my heart as I grew up in a military family & am married to a military Pilot ... I particularly understand challenges to wellbeing this lifestyle creates.


Is Reiki new to you? 

Hi, I'm Rachel ... and I understand if holistic methods like Golden Way Reiki treatments are new to you. I worked as an Optometrist then was unwell after becoming a Mom ... it led me down this new path to greater calm, happiness & health. I now offer professional holistic care to Moms in a calm, welcoming setting.  

If you're interested in what I offer I gently suggest you read around my website. You'll find information about Golden Way Reiki, testimonials from my clients, what to expect during treatments & more. Then please feel free to reach out ... I'm happy to personally answer questions (and your confidentiality is respected).

look forward to helping you feel better :)


Please note:

I often book 1 - 2 months ahead ... and only work with clients I believe will be a lovely fit for what I offer (as Reiki is a healing method working with energy its important we're on a similar wavelength!). I trust my intuition with this so there are occasions I decline requests for treatments ... please trust if this happens it simply means there will be someone better suited to support you ... and I truly wish you well on your journey to improved health. During busier times I only accept bookings from Moms with young children who are in military families.

Thank you for your understanding!


"For many years I have suffered with anxiety & stress ... During our sessions ... and afterwards ... I felt an overwhelming sense of calm & wellbeing"

LS, Elementary Teacher, Canada, 2018


Reiki Benefits

Golden Way Reiki treatments can help you feel better in ways YOU need most. Results are unique for each Mom. Below are some benefits my clients describe after treatments:

Increased calm. 

More patience.

Feeling happier.

Overwhelming sense of wellbeing.

Less anxiety & stress.

Renewed energy.

Feeling at peace.

Feeling great!

More contentment.

Thinking more clearly.

More grounded & focused.

More able to go with the flow.

Less physical pain & relief from physical symptoms.

Treatments are holistic ... meaning they treat the 'whole' of you ... Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.

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Reiki For Moms

Moms have one of the most important jobs. It's heartwarming ... yet easy to feel overwhelmed ... particularly as Moms are often raising children without a supportive 'village' around them these days. 

Some worries & frustrations are understandable while doing the vital work of raising the next generation ... yet sadly many Moms nowadays feel stretched to their emotional, physical or mental limits. This doesn't feel the happiest existence ... and living 'on the edge' of stress limits for prolonged periods of time is recognised by many medical professionals as harmful to long-term health.

Do you often feel anxious, tired, sad, lonely or stressed ... yet put a brave face on to the outside world?

Are you worried about your mental or physical wellbeing ... or experience uncomfortable emotions or low spirits?

Do you sometimes shout more than you'd like ... become snappy or frustrated with your little ones ... then feel guilty after?

 Whatever's going on - there is hope!


A gift to your little ones!

Your children are on their own journey through life (and there really are no perfect Moms!) however Golden Way Reiki treatments can help you feel more accepting of yourself as 'perfectly imperfect' ... while also helping you feel calmer & happier ... and boosting your long-term health.

What's beautiful about this is when you feel:

Calmer you can find more patience.

Healthier you have more energy for fun.

Happier you & your family can enjoy more:

  • Peace & Calm
  • Giggles & Smiles
  • Close, loving moments

Taking care of yourself holistically can feel wonderful for you AND your children dear Moms. It isn't selfish to prioritise your true needs & wellbeing. In fact your children need you to be as well as possible ... and you'll also teach them by example to take wonderful care of themselves ... planting seeds for them to live their own lives feeling as healthy & happy as possible!   

"What worked for me with Reiki is it helped in providing the calmness within me

KM, Lawyer, Canada, 2018

Are you a Mom who'd like gentle support to feel better? I look forward to welcoming you warmly

Rachel's warm & welcoming demeanour made me feel safe & cared for. The treatments themselves were simply amazing & have helped me. Very profound indeed”

KT, Registered Yoga Teacher & Registered Early Childhood Educator, Canada, 2018

Hi, I'm Rachel Clee

As a Mom I understand the ups & downs of parenting.

As a former Optometrist I bring knowledge & skills gained during my years as a registered medical professional to holistic healing.

I only work with a small number of clients in order to balance my own wellbeing & family needs ... this allows me to give the best care I can to clients I treat!

"After my full Cycle I feel more grounded & focused. I can take on the world!

RH, Certified Essential Oil Educator & Consultant, Canada, 2018

Golden Way Reiki Healing at Nurturing Empowerment

Treatments are given in Cycles of 3

Unsure? You can try a single Introductory Treatment

I have a dedicated, welcoming treatment room in my home. You're welcome to visit this calm healing space on a quiet street in Embrun for In-Person Treatments (located 10 minutes from Russell. 25 minutes south-east of Ottawa, Canada.



Distance Treatments are also available via phone or video call. Wonderful if you:


  • Find the idea of visiting a new place overwhelming.
  • Find it hard to visit for in-person treatments ... it can be difficult as Mom to young children.
  • Live a distance from Embrun or Canada - Iʼm experienced in sending Distance Healing to Moms elsewhere in Canada & in other countries.

"You've helped me enormously. You've listened to me & given me the comfort & confidence to be able to confide in you without judging me. You've helped me with my knee & I will never be able to thank you enough"

SH, Independent Financial Advisor, England, 2017

Are you a Mom who'd like gentle support to feel better?